International Primary School Stollberg


Our Guideline

Prof. Dr. Carl Hahn's philosophy of life is "The world is my working field", which we have chosen as our mission statement for our schools.

All the schools which are part of the Saxony International School – Carl Hahn non-profit organisation (SIS) share one educational concept where students should develop the willingness to take responsibility for others, to encourage social equality and to learn independently.

The main aspects of our pedagogical actions are to learn to respect each other, motivation for self-reflection, the development of team spirit, empathy, tolerance and the acceptance of social values. We encourage our students to gain an awareness of their environment and to be able to evaluate and appreciate cultural differences.

Every student has the right for a good education, therefore we support individual learning with punctuality and orderliness. Our main goal is to create a learning atmosphere where students, teachers, parents and the management collaborate and work closely together.