International Primary School Stollberg


Clever Bumblebees visit the IPS

Fourteen pre-schoolers from the Clever Kids Kindergarten in Stollberg visited IPS Stollberg to have their first taste of experience being in a school. One could observe the excitement as well as a speck of nervousness in every child’s face. Once they met the teachers and some familiar faces, they were just eager to see the classrooms and start the lesson.

I’ve been teaching them already for some months. It is just once a week that I come to their Kindergarten and prepare them for primary school. It is always a pleasure, seeing how they progress every time we have our lessons. However, when they entered the IPS classroom, I realised how little they are still. They could hardly reach the floor with their feet once they were seated. Nevertheless, they are thrilled with the lesson and worked like grade-schoolers. After the lesson, which was a Math activity, we had a short tour of the school. They met more teachers and the students, who were also happy to meet younger kids looking at them with astonishment. They even received the warmest welcome from our first graders who went to Clever Kids before. We ended the visit with our goodbye song and the excitement of coming back in January for their “Begegnungsnachmittag”.          

(F. Garcia-Kohn)